Strike in paradise - The songs of Joe Hill


Lucas Stark and his band sings the songs of Joe Hill

Lucas Stark is a well known and much apreciated singer-songwriter in Sweden and the Nordic countries. After a critically acclaimed swedish album, he now makes the material accessible to a larger audience and interpret the songs in their original language, english. 


– Songs from north, south, east and west.

TETRA is a powerful Swedish vocal quartet with a common desire to share songs with each other. They perform songs from a wide range of folk music traditions. In their music you will encounter the ornamental vocal styles of Arabic and Greek music, Caribbean pulses and Scandinavian groove.

Robert “Robi” Svärd

Robert “Robi” Svärd debut album “Pa’ki pa’ka” was recorded at FJR Estudios de grabación in Granada in May 2015. Mixed and mastered by Fernando Romero and Robi in July 2015. Robi is a melodist in the true sense of the word and his compositions are saturated with warm melodies and exploding rhythmical passages and a good dose of virtuosity.

Planeta Festival

Planeta Festival is a network-based festival in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is beginning to branch out to other parts of western Sweden. During five days each year a large number of local concert organisers coordinate their activities, in order to highlight music and dance from all around the world. 

Possibilitas coordinates Planeta Festival. 

La Compañia Flamenca – Tablao

With densely thrilling interplay they invite you to an experience of music and dance, carefully interwoven into a dynamic colorful trip, that gives insight to the flamenco culture and its poetry. Intensive footwork, rapidly moving fingers quickly over the guitar strings and a powerful voice that enters beneath the skin opening up the experience of flamenco.

Tablao is the traditional concert format consisting of flamenco's holy trinity - vocals, guitar and dance.


Who has not enjoyed, danced or hummed "Besame mucho"?

Who has not had their heart broken by an impossible love?

Corazonada interprets the immortal songs of a love that never was or what left one yearning for more.




Nord/Långbacka/Dahl is a trio formed by three musicians exploring their own path in a time where musical grounds are merging and moving.  Their music reveals the members' individual playing styles and their backgrounds in classical, folk, pop, world, tango and cinematic art music.