Foto: Michael Andersson

Strike in paradise 

Lucas Stark and his band sings the songs of Joe Hill


Who was he - the skinny immigrant from Sweden who became an important source of inspiration for artists such as Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen?


Joe Hill emigrated to the US in the early 1900s, and became, through his poems and songs, one of the US labor movement's most important voices. In 1915, Joe Hill was innocently convicted and executed. After the funeral tens of thousands of people marched in the streets to pay tribute to his memory and sing his songs.


Lucas Stark is a well known and much apreciated singer-songwriter in Sweden and the Nordic countries. After a critically acclaimed swedish album, he now makes the material accessible to a larger audience and interpret the songs in their original language, english. The songs are arranged with elements of blues, jazz, country, rock, and Swedish folk music, all mixed with stories of Joe Hill's life. Also on stage, are some of Sweden's most renowned musicians.

The band:

Lucas Stark - song

Bernt Andersson - accordion, harmonica, piano
Daniel Wejdin - contrabass

Peter Gran - electric guitrar, banjo

Mårten Magnefors - drums

Marcus Svensson - slide guitar, dobro, electric guitar