Photo: Carl Ander


A sound and dance show


After critically acclaimed Bibi Ha Bibi, Aloun Marchal is back as a choreographer. If you experienced the show you know how the grotesque and absurd can be turned into beauty. The outcome this time is a rythmical show were the boundaries between dance and concert are dissolved.


SonoR are performed by four female dancers with wireless microphones, also soundscape and choreography are performed live on stage. The wireless microphones are used to amplify the sounds of the body – bodies bouncing, voices humming along with singing, breath and steps. The sounds focus and reveal the inner melodies and driving forces of the performers, both in interactions and solo.


With residence in France, Denmark, Lithuania and Sweden the audience has been invited to follow the work in progress early on. SonoR will have its premiere at Atalante.


In association with:

Atalante, Vitlycke Center of Performing Arts, Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, Secret Hotel (Denmark), Menu Spaustuvè (Litauen) 
and Theatre de Vanves (France) 


Supported by:

City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland, Konstnärsnämnden, Folkuniverstitetet, Kultur i Väst och DRAC Ile de France.


Gilda Stillbäck

Mathilde Rance

Nelly Zagora

Sandra Abouav


Artistic idea: Aloun Marchal

Direction and choreography : Aloun Marchal

Musical advisor: Aurelio Edler Copes

Dramaturgy: Celine Cartillier

Costume: Anna Sefve

Light design: Eduardo Abdala

Sound design: Rasmus Persson

Sound and lighting techniques: Nelson Lima

Production: Possibilitas och Siège (France)