Ida&Louise photo: Nadim Elazzeh

Ida&Louise is a symbiotic and expressive duo creating great music with modest means – voice, piano and soprano saxophone. In the year 2013 they published their debut album Vilda Vide containing original compositions followed a year later by an EP of traditional klezmer and songs in Yiddish.

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Shtoltse lider/Proud poems

Poetry in yiddish by female writers performed in new written music. 


Shtoltse Lider/Proud Poems is a concert performance with Yiddish poetry accompanied by new written music, composed and performed by the duo Ida&Louise. Words and music are woven together with video projections and light design into a rich and moving scenic experience.


The music of the performance is based on works of the female Jewish writers Celia Dropkin, Anna Margolin, Malka Heifetz Tussman, Kadya Molodowsky and Rachel Korn; all born in Eastern Europe towards the end of the 19th century. Whilst Korn emigrated to Canada in 1948, the others produced their work in the USA before the second World War – a time of flowering for Yiddish culture.


The songs of the performance are presented in Yiddish and English, covering themes like emancipation, longing and forbidden desires. Between the songs runs a presentation of the poetry, the poets’ fates and the times they lived in, knitting the performance into an artistic whole of music, poetry and intellectual insights.


The performance project was originally initiated by the Association of Yiddish Culture in Gothenburg (in Swedish: Föreningen Jiddischkultur Göteborg). 



Louise Vase - song, piano, composition

Ida Gillner - soprano saxophone, song, composition


David Sperling Bolander - directions

Staffan Böös - coach in yiddish
Donovan von Martens - video projections
Karl Wassholm - light design
Majlie of Ekenstam - costume
Beila Engelhardt Titleman - translations

Jonatan Sahlin - graphic design

With the support of Region Västra Götaland, City of Gothenburg, Swedish Arts Council, Sensus and Katz Jewish Cultural Fund.