Trio Samara  Foto: Johan Wingborg

Trio Samara

Longing for My Homeland

A new project by Trio Samara involves another two musicians from Palestine and one from Sweden. New music will be produced and the sextet will be touring in the Middle East and Sweden in 2018. The first concert in Sweden will be during the Planeta Festival in November.


The passion for traditional folk music is the common ground, when the newly formed group writes new music and poetry. The meeting between the different traditions, art and culture, shows how a united world is possible. With new compositions the musicians come together in the longing for a homeland with room for all forms of cultural differences and expressions.


For the past ten years Trio Samara has a faithful audience, with their mix of Oriental and Nordic music. By inviting Sanaa Moussa (song) and Youssef Hbeisch (percussion) from Palestine and Larisa Ljungkrona (accordion) from Sweden, a broader musical platform is created. In Longing for my homeland Trio Samara has evolved into a sextet.


The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

Planeta Nätverk och Festival


Bosphorus Ensemble


Supported by: Musikverket and Folkuniversitetet

The project is a co-production with Samer Jaradat Production in Palestine.



Sten Källman - saxophone

Ahmad Al-Khatib - oud

Stefan Bergman - bass

Sanaa Moussa - song

Larisa Ljungkrona - accordion, song

Youssef Hbeisch - percussion