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Moon Diaries

Kommande produktion

Barn och unga


The play introduces us to Selene, a young girl who has found old documents, papers and memories that belonged to her grandmother, who was an astronaut. The play draws material from the real life story of Valentina Tereshkova, who was the first woman astronaut. The log from her space travels will form the basis of a mockumentary: her grandmother was born in a "land very far away" (in our version, Argentina). Selene recalls her grandmother saying that her country was "as far as the moon", and then singing to her some songs in a strange language, that Selene later found out was Spanish. This is why, when recreating her grandmother's travels, she will be able to communicate with the natives of this distant "planet". Through her reconstruction of her grandmother's adventures, we will have the opportunity of thinking about how the imagination allows us to transform the world and ourselves.

Konstnärlig idé/dramatiker

Flavia Gresores


David Bolander


Emiliano Sacripanti

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