Foto: Nadim Elazzeh | Grafisk formgivning: Jussi Öhrvall

The Borderland


The Borderland is a group that mixes different languages, music, dance, poetry and song. The diversity of contents reflects the audience that comes to the concert.

That is exactly what we strive for!

We want a society where the variation is the norm and those in the beginning who feel alien can finally feel obvious.

The artists involved are some of our foremost in singing, live poetry, dance and music. They have reaped international success and stood on the largest stages.

Now, touring together in a performance that holds a stack of nationalities and even more languages.

Welcome to the Borderland!


The Bordeland is produced by Kultur i Väst and Studieförbundet Sensus. 


Oskar Hanska, poesi

Mohanned Hawaz, dance

Gustav Horneman, programing, drums

Jenny Kristoffersson, bass

Anna Ottertun, song

Ann Sehlstedt, dance

Maria Stellas, song

Robert Svärd, guitarr




Göteborgs Kulturkalas 2015

Göteborgs Kulturkalas 2015