Aloun Marchal and Henrique Furtado

Photo: Philippe Lebruman.

Cast List:


Conception and interpretation – Henrique Furtado & Aloun Marchal

Scenography and costumes - Camille Rosa in collaboration with Rozenn Lamand

Dramaturgy – Céline Cartillier

Musical support – Jerzy Bielski

Lighting design – Eduardo Abdala

Wrestling transmission – Bruno "Bammer" Brito

Belly dancing transmission – Estela Ferreira

Inuit singing transmission – Marie-Pascale Dubé

Aloun Marchal (France – Sweden), is an improviser, dancer and choreographer. He received the Danceweb grant in 2008 and 2012. He created Gerro, Minos and Him in collaboration with Roger Sala Reyner and Simon Tanguy. In 2010, they were awarded the second prize of the dance competition Danse Elargie that took place in Théatre de la Ville, and in 2013 they obtained the best dance piece award at the Stuttgarter Tanz und Teaterpreis festival. Aloun decided to start dancing when he understood that thinking wasn’t enough. Since then he is fascinated by moments that don’t make sense yet, but eventually will.

Henrique Furtado P. Vieira (Portugal – France) is a performer and choreographer. He had his artistic training in several French institutions (INSA Lyon, Extensions – CDC Toulouse, Prototype II – Royaumont abbey). He works as an interpreter for Vera Mantero, Bleuène Madelaine, Eric Languet, Aurélien Richard, Céline Cartillier and Tino Sehgal. In addition, he is influenced throughout his carrier by several encounters with Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron and João Fiadeiro among others.

Bibi Ha Bibi

A mucho mucho macho man show 

Two men divert the codes of the male face to face confrontation into sound and movement poetry.


The performers and choreographers Aloun Marchal (Sweden/France) and Henrique Furtado (Portugal) are presenting an hyperventilating performance, bringing together a wide range of manhood practices – from throat songs to couple dances and modern wrestling. 


Face to face wearing skin-tight playsuits the dancers weigh each other up, stare at each other, stand firm in the middle of the stage and let out a roar from deep inside. 


Bibi Ha Bibi explores a wide range of sounds and movements with clashing styles, from sports fighting to teasing childish games, from rumbling noises to lullabies, from straightforward breathing to bestial yelling. Progressive mechanisms drive the performers even further into their exercise, moving disjointedly and opening their throats more and more. Progressively, voices and faces, laughing and roaring, get tangled, mixed up, and rival each other. Based on listening, mimicry and exchange of movements the “pas de deux” of Bibi Ha Bibi glides from controlled violence to sensuality.

Aloun Marchal and Henrique Furtado have both worked in different collaborations in France, Portugal and Sweden. Bibi Ha Bibi is their first performance together.

Length of performance: 50 min

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Bibi Ha Bibi is produced by SIEGE (FR) and Possibilitas (SE)


Coproductions : Göteborg Dans & Teater Festival (SE), La Place de la Danse CDCN Toulouse/ Occitanie, in the context of the network [DNA] Departures and Arrivals cofinanced by the Creative Europe program of the European Union and Atalante (SE) 


Support: Västra Götaland region (SE), Göteborg city (SE), DRAC Ile-de-France - project support (FR), Spedidam (FR), SACD-Beaumarchais - choreographic writing support (FR), SACD production support (FR), Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian (PT) and apoio Fundação GDA (PT)


Other supports : Danse(S) en Chantier (FR)

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